Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Why I can't get behind Jaques Torres

And now for my first post.

I really really try to like Jaques Torres. I mean everyone puts him on their lists of favorite chocolate in NYC, but I just can't figure it out. The only thing that really stands out to me about them is their hot chocolate and the idea of chocolate covered cornflakes (though personally I think the chocolate they use to make them is only slightly a step above Hershey's). It also seems that the store primarily focuses on molded candies at the expense of their truffles.

But maybe I'm jaded because I've had some crappy experiences at their store on the Upper West Side. First one was I had a milk chocolate truffle there that had actually gone bad. One of their signature champagne truffles actually. Apparently the milk in milk chocolate can actually spoil?! Anyhow that was a first for me. It was so bad I had to spit it out.

Secondly, they seem to keep the temperature of their store a little on the too high side. I looked at their truffle display and saw that a few of the peanut butter truffles had melted into each other. Also other truffles I had there did not have the right consistency. It's little details like that that matter to me when it comes to my chocolate.

I really really want to like them, but so far I've only been disappointed.
Step your game up JT!


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