Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Caramel goodness

Went shopping for chocolate today for a very belated birthday present for this guy I like. (and apparently he reads this blog so I guess I've been outted) Went to Vosges in Soho. I really enjoyed walking in Soho on a nice day like today. The place just reeks of trendiness. I always tell myself that even if I had the money to go into those stores and buy jeans, they're made for skinny twiggy tall girls, which I, sadly, am not. But the stores are nice to look at and everything feels fresh and unique. The day was beautiful and I was on my way to buy chocolate. What more can you ask for.

If I am going to buy caramels I always go to Vosges first. Their Wink of the Rabbit caramels are simply amazing. The caramel is the perfect smooth texture. They go down easy. Each bite is the perfect combination of chocolate and caramel, neither one overpowers the other. I'm not exactly a fan of the crunchiness of the nut on top of the dark chocolate one, but other than that the taste is perfect in texture and flavor. They're a little pricey, but since they're made with all organic ingredients it's worth it. I haven't tried the exotic caramels I got yet, but I'm sure they're also delectable.

Chocolate box

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