Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Poser Chocolate

So I was in the Duane Reade earlier, and against my better judgment I went ahead and looked in the Valentine's Day chocolate section. I had a box of Russel Stover's chocolate that a student had given me earlier in the day, so already I was in for a "treat," but then I found this little box of wonders.

Russel Stover's

So Russel Stover has jumped on the "origin chocolates" bandwagon. They don't evenclaim to have origin chocolate in their truffles but added "taste" making it "origin chocolate tastes." Origin chocolates are chocolates where all the beans come from one place. Plantation bars are even more specific and can trace all the beans in their chocolates to one specific plantation, making it more likely that the beans will have a uniform flavor. Origin chocolate is the new buzzword in gourmet chocolates, and I guess people can be fooled into thinking that this actually means something. Usually it does, but all of this is totally lost in these Russel Stover's pieces.

I got really hopeful for a second and thought this might be good chocolate, but after looking at the ingredients I realized I was probably already aware of how this was going to go. First of all, the best chocolate uses as few ingredients as possible. This box had artificial flavoring listed on the extensive list of crap stuff that they put in it. This was a clue to what would happen next.

As soon as I bit in I knew I had made a mistake. The caramels were exactly the same consistency and almost worse than the valentine's heart box I had before. The fillings did not go well with the chocolates and the artificial flavors were intolerable. I had to spit it out. I mean I really really tried not to, but I couldn't do it.


Sorry guys, but crap wrapped up in a pretty box with a pretty label on it is still crap.


  1. Oh my. Yes. I had a box of Russel Stover a few years ago. Never again. I don't think it even counts as chocolate.

  2. I know it's really more like "candy." I differentiate between chocolate and "candy." Granted there is some candy I just love, like Reece's, but I don't consider that chocolate. What irked me was that they are advertising this particular box as "origin" and making it look like it's more than it is.