Tuesday, June 15, 2010

An evening of chocolate

Chocolate at the Waltz-Astoria.

I just had a night full of chocolate. I'm getting ready for my performance on Saturday, an instrumental night, and went out to the Waltz open mic. They were advertising their new frozen hot chocolates, my favorite contradiction in terms. I had that and everyone started asking me about it. It doesn't make any sense. Frozen hot chocolate you say? Why yes, it is delicious.

I had a great time tonight (though my songs need work). To top it off, a chocolate cheesecake.

I've been avoiding chocolate these days. How could I? Because chocolate and my waistline don't get along, but chocolate and my soul do. I'll split the difference.

Anyhow that is to say that more is coming. I have more chocolate adventures to come. Old backed up stuff but good stuff.