Friday, June 19, 2009

Mars gives away free Real Chocolate

Mars Chocolate is giving away Free Real Chocolate. They are promising not to use anything but cocoa butter in their products. This is in response to other chocolate companies (Hershey perhaps?) who are lobbying to make chocolate without the cocoa butter and still call it chocolate. If I had to choose between a Milky Way and a Hershey bar sign me up for the Milky Way... still I can't help thinking that this is a sneaky tactic, but...

Who am I to turn down free chocolate? :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Borrowed from Tasting Table (which is a really great mailing list for those of you in the NYC area)

Mon. 01 Jun '09
Parlor Trick
Jacques Torres Ice Cream opens in Dumbo

Jacques Torres

Even Jacques Torres agrees that comfort food is a saving grace in the fallen economy. After noticing a drop in sales for his high-end chocolates, the pastry chef reassessed his business model and decided ice cream was the answer.

Just opened next door to his flagship store and chocolate factory in Dumbo, Jacques Torres Ice Cream is a natural match to the goodies his shops already sell. His chocolate-covered Cheerios and malt balls appear as toppings, while his chocolate-chunk cookies house fist-size ice cream sandwiches.

Unlike most ice cream makers, Torres mixes his own base from scratch: The result is purer flavor and a soft, luscious texture. Chocolate banana is the chef's favorite variety, though we're just as content cooling off with bean-studded vanilla or sweet pink strawberry. Plus, fruit sorbets are airy and dairy-free, and frozen yogurt is thick and tangy.

In addition to selling the frozen treat in the new parlor, Torres will also offer scoops from ice cream carts stationed at both of his Manhattan shops this summer--but only in Brooklyn can you request fresh-made waffle cones and bowls. And though he's still perfecting the recipe for his chocolate sauce, Torres promises it "will be the best in town."

Now that's way better than a cherry on top.

Jacques Torres Ice Cream, 62 Water St. (between Main and Dock sts.),