Friday, June 19, 2009

Mars gives away free Real Chocolate

Mars Chocolate is giving away Free Real Chocolate. They are promising not to use anything but cocoa butter in their products. This is in response to other chocolate companies (Hershey perhaps?) who are lobbying to make chocolate without the cocoa butter and still call it chocolate. If I had to choose between a Milky Way and a Hershey bar sign me up for the Milky Way... still I can't help thinking that this is a sneaky tactic, but...

Who am I to turn down free chocolate? :)

1 comment:

  1. This strikes me as a tiny bit weird. I mean, it's a marketing gimmick, but it doesn't seem disingenuous. And yeah, it's clearly an attack on Hershey's. I guess why this feels weird is that I doubt many people are as aware of the Hershey's situation as you and I. This only brings it to light, which doesn't seem to be to Mars' advantage.

    However, this is nothing compared to that hysterical Snicker's "energy bar" that Mars marketed a couple of years ago. They claimed it was healthy or something; yup, healthy and filled with sugar and chocolate. Right.