Friday, July 2, 2010

Oyster Truffles

So hi again. I am not a person who can update the bloggy-mc blog consistently. I am currently clearing out my backlog of posts so more shall happen in the near future. We shall see how this goes. In any case on to more important things! The chocolate.

Back in February my friends and I had a chocolate party. I wanted to find some really weird chocolates and found that Vosges Chocolates had aphrodisiac chocolate boxes just in time for Valentine's Day. I was hooked on the idea. And then I found out that they had kumamoto oyster truffles. Yes you heard me, truffles with shell-fish. Double intrigued.

For some reason they refused to sell it to me by the piece. You had to get an expensive heart shaped box with only two truffles. Going into it I thought the truffles would be really salty and weird. Oyster truffles?! But it was worth it. My friend Beth and I not only lived to tell the tale, but it was one of the most interesting, delicious truffles I have ever had.

The chocolate itself was white chocolate with the oyster mixed right into the white chocolate ganache. The ganache was a bit grainy in texture, and they said they made it slightly differently than usual. The sweet white chocolate had just a touch of oyster in it. It was creamy rich and subtle as well as flavorful. The oyster didn't come out and bite but stayed comfortably in the center. It tasted like vanilla ice cream actually!

If when Valentine's rolls around next year, you too decide to get adventurous, this is the way to go. Hopefully, Vosges will get their act together and sell them by the piece, but until then the Aphrodisiac Box is the way to go. ( The absinthe truffle was also worthwhile so getting the box isn't half bad.) Here's to more adventures in the land of chocolate

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