Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Chocolate: an amazing canvas

I've always believed that chocolate is amazing. You can make chocolate into pretty much anything you want it to be. For instance different chocolate stores cater to different people.

Look at a store like Pierre Marcolini. Marcolini's store is right in the business district. It has a high-end feel. You feel like you are surrounded by classy beautifully designed polished chocolate. I think of his chocolates like fine wines. Even the boxes are classy. The store is designed to feel high-class and sophisticated.

Then you have a Chocolate Bar, a chocolate store that has more of a pop culture feel to it. Chocolate Bar sells T-shirts and other merchandise along with their chocolate. Featured bars include wrappers by prominent graffiti artists. The store has a trendy feel capturing the quirky fun side of chocolate. Some of their truffles have skulls and crossbones on them. I think of this as the trendy NYC hipster chocolate store. In a good way.

I can't think about Vosges Chocolates without thinking of their crazy flavor combinations. Their store in Soho has a distinctly New York urban feel to it. The flavor combinations are edgy and exciting, perfect for the adventurous New Yorkers. Curry chocolate? Chocolate bar with bacon bits? Their store is purple. I mean really. Purple and flowery, but not too flowery. And so are all of their boxes so it makes sense. I can't not think of purple when I think of their chocolates (I wonder if that's marketing genius or something)

Then you have a store like Teusher that kind of takes the middle ground. Their stores are full of truffles, wrapped candies and delicious animal shaped molded chocolates from Switzerland. The chocolate is both fun and classy at the same time. The store is always full of bright colors. It's crowded and kind of tiny, but getting your hands on the champagne truffles is totally worth it. Teusher's store in Rockefeller center reminds me of a child's fantasy chocolate store, full of delicoius treats.

Each store has its own style. Each brand has its own style of chocolate. Just goes to show you that chocolate can be pretty much anything you want it to be.


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