Sunday, December 8, 2013

Days seven and eight!

Black Sea Salt Caramel

On day seven I had my first liquid caramel from Vosges.  The gooey liquid caramel is locked away inside a deep dark delicious square of thick chocolate.  There wasn’t much salt to taste until the very end and it was very subtle.  I’m the kind of girl who loves an actually salty salted caramel, but I can understand why most people wouldn’t want the salt to overpower the chocolate. 

What was not subtle was the Red Fire Bar for the eighth day.

One of my favorite things Vosges does is mix fire with chocolate, and this bar is the prime example of what can happen when you pair the right amount of heat with a base of solid delicious chocolate.  Vosges chocolate bars often begins with a basic chocolate canvas and then their chocolatiers paint on additional flavors that blend in with the base.  The naga bar was warm and tropical and this bar packs a warm punch as well.  Now I’m going to go make some Aztec hot chocolate and settle in for a warm winter’s nap. 

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