Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thin Mints! (or "I found a Girl Scout!")

So I know I've been remiss in posting recently, but with finishing up the semester and trying, without much luck, to stay away from chocolate for a while (gasp!), I've been neglecting this blog only because life gets in the way.

That said, I am happy to report that I have some wonderful news! I found a Girl Scout! Now you might wonder why this is important. Why, might you ask, is this such a life-changing situation? It means that I have a new source of my favorite cookie, the THIN MINT!

Growing up, I was a Girl Scout. I wasn't a very good Girl Scout and I wasn't very good at selling cookies either. My mother ended up buying nearly all the boxes of cookies I was required by the Girl Scout laws and bylaws to sell. This didn't turn out to be such a bad thing. I got to eat Samoas (coconut and chocolate covered cookies) and their shortbread cookies, but my favorite of all the Girl Scout cookies were the Thin Mints. Now that I am no longer a girl scout, these cookies are much harder to come by. You can't find them in any store, and recently I've been canvasing my neighborhood to try and find someone, ANYONE, who even knew a girl scout. Finally, at work I discovered I work with a teacher whose daughter is a girl scout.

EPIC MAJOR SUPER SCORE!!! ::fistpump::

But back to why this is the greatest discovery since Columbus found America
Thin Mint cookies are mint cookies, wafers really, that are covered in a layer of chocolate. These cookies take me back to my childhood. I don't really think I can be objective about them, and who knows they might not really taste that good. They taste great to me, but I know plenty of folks who don't like them. But I'm happy to have a box of delicious minty nostalgia to take me back. And they're also really great to dunk in milk!

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  1. THIN MINTS! Those things are like crack. Seriously. You definitely can't eat just one.