Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Domori Javablond chocolate.

ZOMG Chocolate!

As soon as I get pictures off my camera I will tell you about all of my adventures in Portland (ironic that I blog about New York chocolate specifically and my new favorite chocolate store is in downtown Portland...go fig).

Anyhow I am on a chocolate mission. When I was in Portland a wise chocolate store worker let me taste a sample of Domori Javablond chocolate...and I flipped out. The taste is deep rich, berry and musky. My new favorite chocolate. It's made with the highest quality cacao beans (criollo). To Domori's credit they have almost single handedly revived the population of these trees in the world.

My chocolate mission is to find where to buy Domori chocolate here in New York. So far I haven't seen it, but I'm sure I will figure it out.


  1. I just wrote to this person
    he seems to be the importer of domori to the u.s.
    the 100% domori are amazing - just returned from italy with a stash - best, ellen -

  2. Wow sorry for not responding to this earlier! I haven't been back on this blog in a year, but I thought about Domori today and am on a mission to find it in a store here in the city. I will check out your supplier and see if he can send me some. I also know of other places to get it online, but I'm really curious as to WHY there doesn't seem to be any here in New York. Cheers!