Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tea and Chocolate: La Maison Du Chocolat

So my family was in town this past week and they know I'm a chocoloholic. Usually I find yummy places to take my sister to eat. We were walking through Rockefeller Center and decided that we must have a cup of tea! So we walked past NBC studios and around the corner to find, tucked away on a side street a La Maison Du Chocolat!

My sister got creative and got a hot chocolate with a shot of espresso. (Really really rich and dark) I got jasmine tea and a small little truffle that they paired with it. The truffle was milk chocolate with a praline crunch. The floral notes of the chocolate and the floral notes of the tea blended well together. The chocolate gave off a lemon essence that was perfect for the tea.

La Maison also has chocolate tastings for around $70 dollars. As far as tastings go, this is a steal. For the chocolate you get to eat and learn about it's really worth it...I plan on going to one in the near future and reporting back. For now, go and have a spot of tea and chocolate. The Maison has great parings and you won't be disappointed.

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